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Koodous is an app that detects malicious Android apps on your device that may contain Trojans or excessive advertising. Koodous is not exactly an antivirus tool; it's an open community that analyzes and detects harmful Android apps.

It's easy to use Koodous: just tap 'analyze' and wait while it scans your device. This will take more or less time depending on the number of apps you have installed. You'll then see a list of safe and potentially dangerous apps.

Of course, Koodous won't delete anything automatically. You'll have to take the information provided and decide whether you want to get rid of the unsafe apps or not.

Koodous is a useful security app that will help protect your Android and keep track of the apps you have installed.
By Robert Zant
Koodous evalutates the apps installed on your device

Given that antivirus tools on Android are of questionable utility, the best way to protect yourself when it comes to using potentially malicious apps is to turn to an infallible detection system: mass analysis by users of the apps themselves. Koodous is a platform to analyze and rate apps that can search your device to check if you have something undesirable installed.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher